Sunday, 25 October 2015

We've started the 'Liz4Ceredigion' Welsh Assembly Election 2016 Campaign

So my journey to convince the voters to Ceredigion that I am their best Assembly candidate has begun!

We kicked off the campaign by canvassing in towns across Ceredigion with our Lib Dem MP Mark Williams.  Mark and I could make a formidable partnership in the House of Commons and Welsh Assembly - both representing the residents of Ceredigion on key issues that impact directly on residents. 

Canvassing can be fun, interesting, hard work and challenging all at the same time.  You get to hear the views directly from the electorate and people aren't shy to tell you what they think!  It is great to hear the opinions first hand and to have genuine conversations about the future of Ceredigion and how I could make a real difference if elected to the National Assembly.  

The varied sights that we come across whilst canvassing:
A wet day out canvassing with Mark Williams MP and the team - 
thankfully Graeme had a hot supper ready when I got home!

                       The dog through the cat flap voter ! (one to tell our Iolo Corgi about!)

 A helping hand to deliver all of the leaflets for #liz4ceredigion campaign