Monday, 1 February 2016

Canvassing in Llandysul

A busy day on Saturday canvassing in Llandysul.    Lots of conversations with the voters about the matters that mean the most to them and how I can help if elected to the assembly in May.  My three main campaign issues are Health, Education and the Local Economy and they certainly resonated with the voters in Llandysul. Mark Williams MP and the canvassing team were all there to help give out our newsletters and speak to the voters.   Plenty to work on in the forthcoming weeks and months. 

Im really pleased that this blog has had over 500 hits (and counting), which means that people are taking an interest in the campaign and starting to think about the election.   Please join me and support my campaign; there are plenty of ways to help (see previous posts below).  

On a personal note; I haven't had time to go to my Aberaeron slimming world group, which is really naughty of me. They won't be pleased to see me eating a delicious ice cream as a treat! Bizarrely it was really cold and started to snow; but the ice cream still tasted great!  Canvassing is a great way of upping my step count and keeping fit so maybe its not all bad :)